The Faded Sun: Kesrith

(Daw SF : -- no. 300)

Paperback, 252 pages

English language

Published April 14, 1978 by Daw Books.

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5 stars (1 review)

This is a story of diplomacy and warfare of conspiracy and betryal and of three people from two enemy civilizations. who found themselves thrown together in a life-and-death alliance.

14 editions

A Better Dune

5 stars

I have to admit to picking this up because it looked quite similar to Dune, which I like quite a bit. On the surface, it is about a warrior tribe living in the desert (which seemed quite similar to the Fremen).

And indeed, there are quite some similarities when it comes to setting/general plot. However, one aspect that is handled more gracefully here is imperialism and colonialism. While a human enters the tribe (an unprecedented event) he is never made their leader but is rather just part of multiple extreme, unprecedented circumstances for the people of the mri. While Dune is also intended to be anti-imperialist, the actions taken by the characters really do not bear this out. In my opinion, this is done more skillfully here as well: While there always are empires in the mix, there are also always people resisting/circumventing the bureaucratic machine.

Overall, if you like …


  • Science fiction